We’ve been there, We can help.

A few years ago my wife and I ran into some serious logistical issues when planning our wedding ceremony in my beautiful home town of Homer, Alaska. We kept running into the issue of transporting our guests! Our friends and family were already spending tons of money and energy just to get to Alaska and we could not find affordable and reliable transportation for them once they arrived! After hearing many similar stories in our community we recognized the lack of transportation options in Alaska.

So we set out to create the solution we were looking for….

Alaska Bus Company!

What’s that smell?!….

Aside from the fact that we are creating a safer, more reliable, and affordable transportation service that our community and travelers are enjoying. We are very excited to share that our bus is fueled by….


Thats right! Not only are we saving the planet* and maybe the universe* by reducing CO2 emissions and dependency on fossil fuels, we are providing vehicles behind us with the soothing aroma* of french fries and spring rolls rather then diesel exhaust… By riding on our bus you are doing your part to save the planet*…

*Perhaps a slight over exaggeration.

Thank you very much for choosing Alaska Bus Company and we look forward to serving you.

Owned and operated by Homer residents Brian and Soniyae Reid.